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Deal of the Week: Village

Deal of the Week: Village


Unser Deal of the Week: Village auf Englisch. Zum Angebotspreis von € 29,95 statt € 39,95. Nur vom 7. Oktober 2019 bis 12. Oktober 2019, aber nur so lange der Vorrat reicht. Village von Inka und Markus Brand ist das Kennerspiel des Jahres 2012.

Deal of the Week: Village

Village – as life plays out

Life in this village is tough! But at least it offers its residents a lot of room for development. Some make their career in the council chamber, some in the church, while others journey into the world….Each player controls the fate of a family and wants to rise to prominence.But never forget the most important thing: Time cannot be stopped, and eventually family members pass away. Those that worked hard during their lifetime may find themselves immortalized in the village chronicle and thus increase their families‘ fame.

How to play

The game is played over several rounds, during which you control the fate of your family members by placing them in the village. The many different areas in the village allow for many different options. Each area has an associated action space where you can gain different types of influence cubes and trigger certain actions. That means you have to choose wisely, because the influence type and specific action rarely match… In addition, many of these actions cost time. And just like in real life, the oldest family members eventually pass away. When a family member dies, his career choice determines whether he gets a place in the village chronicle or not. The game ends when either the village chronicle or the anonymous graves are fully occupied. At that point you once more gain points for the different areas of the village. The player with the most prestige points wins.

Unser Deal of the Week: Village. Von Inka und Markus Brand, erschienen bei eggertspiele, wurde mit dem Preis “Kennerspiel des Jahres 2012 ausgezeichnet. Auch noch in unserem Sortiment: Die deutsche Ausgabe von Village, das Kinderspiel des Jahres 2012, Schnappt Hubi, und das Spiel des Jahres 2012, Kingdom Builder.

Die Regeln auf Englisch gibt es bei Boardgamegeek.

Das Angebot gilt für das Spiel Village auf Englisch, die frühere deutsch-englische Ausgabe im Vertrieb von Pegasus Spiele ist nicht mehr erhältlich.

Unser Angebot der Woche, ICECOOL2, findet ihr hier.

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