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Deal of the Week: Robin Hood and the Merry Men

Deal of the Week: Robin Hood and the Merry Men

Deal of the Week: Robin Hood and the Merry Men auf Englisch. Zum Angebotspreis von € 49,95 statt € 69,90. Nur vom 23. September 2019 bis 28. September 2019, aber nur so lange der Vorrat reicht.

Robin Hood and the Merry Men

“Robin Hood and the Merry Men is a semi cooperative, but a highly competitive board. It’s a thematic euro style game that perfectly blends worker placement, hand management, set collection and dice rolling into a one big exciting crossover. In Robin Hood and the Merry Men, players take on the role of a famous outlaw such as Robin Hood, Little John, Will Scarlet and Jane Fortune, and their mission is to protect the town of Nottingham from the tyranny of Prince John and the  Sheriff of Nottingham throughout 5 rounds of onslaught. If they succeed, a winner is declared – the player with the most VP becomes Nottingham’s greatest champion. Each round consists of two phases: A Merry Men phase and a Hero phase.

The Merry Men Phase

You will call upon your faithful friends who are famous for their abilities to build and set various traps. In order to stay one step ahead, you will send The Merry Men to acquire resources and weapons, and lay traps to catch the Sheriff’s endless army of Guards. Assigning Merry Men is done through playing Merry Men cards that offer variable actions. With King Richard being away on the Crusades, Prince John has given the Sheriff of Nottingham power to tax the villages in and around Nottingham, so you must order your Merry Men to build barricades on the roads to prevent the heavily guarded and gold-filled carriages from entering the castle.Before he went on his crusade, King Richard gave you certain tasks. In the midst of his struggles, he would welcome the news that his brave heroes have completed them.

The Hero Phase

You will send your Hero to fight the Sheriff’s guards, ambush and rob the royal carriages of their treasures, enter archery tournaments, rescue prisoners from the castle’s darkest dungeons and much more.

Unser Deal of the Week: Robin Hood and the Merry Men ist bei Final Frontier Games erschienen.

Man Vs Meeple erklärt das Spiel hier auf Englisch.

Das Angebot gilt für das Spiel Robin Hood and the Merry Men auf Englisch.

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